When you retire and live the snowbird lifestyle, you need to balance living in two different states. This can be particularly challenging if you own a home in one state and rent in another. You may not want to rent a home year-round if you'll only use it during the winter months and deal with moving your belongings. Here's how renting a storage unit can make life easier for your snowbird lifestyle.

1. You Can Fly Back And Forth Instead of Drive

If you own an RV, you might enjoy the drive across the country going to and from your vacation destination. Plus, if you have an RV, you can pack it with as many belongings as you'll need to take with you. If you don't have an RV or you don't enjoy the drive in a car, then you may wish you could just fly back and forth.

When you rent a storage unit in your destination location, you can keep your belongings there for a fraction of the cost of renting a house or apartment for a year when you don't even live in the home for several months. The advantage of renting a storage unit is that you can fly to your vacation home and not have to take anything with you since everything you need is waiting in a storage unit.

2. You Can Rent a Small Unit

You might want to rent a furnished condo for your stay over the winter. If that sounds ideal, then all you'll need to store are personal items, such as clothing, recreational equipment, dishes, linens, and hobby supplies. You can rent a storage unit for an affordable cost that's about the size of a big closet. However, if you need to, you can rent a larger unit and store furniture, a boat, or a car.

3. You'll Have More Flexibility Where You Stay

You may decide at some point you want to buy a home in your vacation city, so you might want to try living in different parts of the city or state to find the place you like the most. When you keep your things in storage, they're handy and waiting for you, but you still have the freedom to rent a condo or home in any location you like.

Rather than being tied to an expensive annual lease, you can sign a snowbird lease and then put your things in storage and start looking for a different place to stay next year so you can experience new people and scenery. Plus, you usually pay for storage every month, so you can get your things out at any time. A storage unit helps you stay flexible with your vacation living arrangements and frees you from having to haul so much stuff from state to state every winter.