Minimizing has become a popular topic as of late. Countless books and television shows recommend all the ways one can go about reducing the amount of stuff in their homes, rid themselves of anything that doesn't elicit happiness, and lead a simpler, less encumbered life.

Unfortunately, getting rid of things is really hard for some people. While it may seem counterproductive, renting a storage unit can help you if you have a hard time letting go of some of your possessions. Here are three tips to help you get out from under the weight of too much stuff.

1. Get Rid of the Garbage

If clutter and trash has a way of accumulating in your home, you need to get rid of that before you really start purging. Junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and even things like paper bags and plastic containers are often just stacked, set aside, saved, and quickly forgotten about.

Go through each room of your house and look for the things you are holding on to that you know really serve no purpose. Eliminating the trash from your home will give you the confidence to move forward in the minimizing process.

2. Start Purging

Most home organization specialists recommend you make two piles: things to keep and things to get rid of. When parting with your possessions is really difficult, however, you need a third pile: storage.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, focus on just one room at a time. Begin by taking a mental inventory of everything in that room. Really think about each item, what it means to you, and what purposes it serves in your home. Ask yourself if the item is contributing to your life or if it is something you could live without. For example, if you are in your bedroom, you will likely decide your bed is something you need while your wedding dress hanging in the closet may not be. Decide what you will keep and what you will sell, donate, recycle, or throw away. Once you have your keep pile, go through it again. This time, pull out the things you think you maybe you could live without but just aren't ready to part with yet. Move these items to the storage pile.

3. Rent a Storage Unit

A storage unit can help people who tend to hang onto things they are emotionally attached to but don't really need any longer. For example, you may have fond memories of the day you got married and are reluctant to give up your wedding dress, even though you will never wear it again. By bringing it to the storage unit, you are freeing up space in your house while also giving yourself time to get used to the idea of maybe getting rid of it in the future.

Every few months, visit your storage unit and re-assess each item. You will likely find many things you thought were important or were reluctant to get rid of no longer hold power over you and can get rid of them now. To find out more, contact a company that offers storage units for rent.