When you're preparing to move, you likely have a plan for how you'll pack up each of your possessions, as well as some plans to potentially get rid of items that you don't want to transport with you. One area that some people fail to thoroughly consider is the food that they keep in their home. The last thing you want on moving day is to realize that you haven't formulated a plan for dealing with your food, thus throwing you into a panic on a day that can already be stressful. By planning in advance, you'll be able to keep the process of dealing with your food easy and organized. Here are some tips to consider.

Get Rid Of What You Can

While you don't want to be wasteful, there may be a handful of things in your fridge and pantry that aren't worth moving. In the days leading up to the move, identify these items and get rid of them in various ways. Certain products can be eaten up — if you have a jar with a couple pickles left inside, it's better to eat the pickles and recycle the jar. This is also the time to evaluate which foods should be thrown out. For example, if you have a container of freezer-burnt leftovers that you don't envision eating in the future, toss it. If you come across non-perishable items that you feel will be a hassle to move, consider donating them to a local food bank.

Use Some Coolers And Ice

For your frozen and refrigerated goods, you need to ensure they don't spoil during the move. Gather some friends and gather as many hard-sided coolers as you feel will be necessary, as well as gather any coolers that you may own. Then, on moving day, buy several bags of ice to place in the coolers, and then have your moving crew load the frozen and refrigerated foods and ice into the coolers. Transport these coolers separately so that they don't get overlooked in the moving truck, and put them in the fridge and freezer of your new home as quickly as possible.

Use Plastic Tubs For Heavy Items

Don't make the mistake of loading canned and bottled goods into cardboard boxes. The heavy weight of these items can potentially tear the boxes as your moving crew handles them, resulting in a mess. Instead, use heavy-duty plastic tubs for your heavier food items. It's handy to label these boxes as being heavy, too, so that your moving crew will take care to transport the tubs on wheeled carts, rather than try to lift them and risk an injury. For more information, contact a business such as Road Runners Delivery Service.