Owning an RV can be a lot of fun, except when it comes time to clean it up. However, maintaining the outside of your rig is an important part of keeping it in good condition.

Part of that maintenance is to regularly wash your RV. Keep reading for tips that will help you keep your RV clean, whether you're prepping for a cross-country road trip or getting it ready for storage. 

Wash and Wax

Dirt and sun combined are two things that damage your RV's surface over time. While you can't always keep the sun off your RV, you can keep the dirt off to help protect the finish. Washing and waxing together provide your RV with protection against the elements, but washing is the first and most important step.

Use the Right Equipment

Washing your RV can be a difficult job, but if you own two things, you can make the job a lot easier. Having a good sturdy ladder and the right cleaning brush can help ensure your safety and make the job easier on you physically.

Ladder or Portable Scaffold  

Even if you use an extension pole brush, a ladder is going to make the job easier and most importantly, safer. However, to be safe, the equipment needs to be sturdy. There are convenient multi-fold ladder designs where you can actually make a small scaffold like platform, which will give you a nice firm base to work.

Extension Brush

Since you're going to use an extension brush, you may think you don't need a ladder. One test wash using just the brush will prove to you why a ladder is helpful.

The brush will allow you to reach the high spots on your RV, but the longer extension lengths will create more play in the handle. You will lose both force and control, so while you can easily do spot cleaning with a good extension brush, you still should own a good ladder.

There are less expensive brushes on the market, but you should invest in the best quality tool. If you ever used one of the lower cost brushes, you'll appreciate why you should spend a little more. The better brushes will be sturdier, plus have the highest quality bristles so they do not scratch the surface of your RV.

Invest in a brush that is specifically designed for RVs, or large trucks. Models with a water flow-through feature, where they hook up to a hose, are outstanding. With constant water flow through your brush, you won't have to lug a bucket around with you. 

Keeping the dirt and grime off your RV is a major priority. Making sure you have the right equipment for the job should be as well. With the proper tools, you can safely and efficiently keep your rig clean before you take it out on an excursion or before you put it into storage at a facility like Blanco Self Storage.